FjordKick Fishing – Boat Rentals and Guiding

The most popular activity at our place is fishing. We have a lot of species, from small ones to big ones, and our location is a real nice base for people who are interested in fishing whether it is inside the fjords or further out towards the open sea. We also have severeal good fresh waters and salmon rivers like Flekke and Gaula. We are located near the Golf Stream, which means that you can go fishing all year around.

The coastline has a lot of islands and islets, so you can always find shelter.

If you want to go for the bigger fishes, we recommend a day with one of our fishing guides.

We have our own shop with fishing equipment. And if you need something we do not have, we can provide most fishing gear quickly.

Fishing in our surroundings is a special combination of recreation and excitement. Bring your friends and family and try it out for yourselves!