FjordKick Diving

The outer parts of Sogn is by many considered among the best areas for diving. Here you can find something for everyone.

For instance wreck diving, catch diving or pure nature experiences under water.

Here are many unknown and known wrecks like Oldenburg, Ferndale, Parat, Solvang III, Havda and Frankenwald. All which can be reached in a reasonable period of time.

Here are several possibilities to refill your air tanks.

The nature under water is as stunning as it is above water. And that is no exaggeration. Under water life is much more concentrated.

You will find anything from exotic fish species to lots of different good fishes to eat. The number of fish species is large, and so is the number of different animals and plant species.

You can just lay back in the kelp forest and enjoy – or maybe just follow along the strong current through Listraumen. The possibilities are many and exciting.

Every season has its own charm

In the winter time the ocean is very clear, which is perfect conditions for wreck diving.

The spring brings the algs and more life. The visibility in the water goes down, but life blossoms. If you want to see nudibranches, this is a good time. Here are more than 50 different species.

In summertime the temperature rises and the fishes comes up from the deep and into the fjords, and now the amazing scallops are at their very best.

Fall is a time with good visibility and still much activity in the sea. Sworms of mackerels and cods is a common sight and fun to dive into.

You can go diving on your own, or even better: together with our instructors and guides.